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Choreographers/ Dancers: Sherise Strang Gianine Strang
Director: Louka Hoogendijk
Director of Photography: Roy van Egmond
Editor: Lianne Kotte Colorist: Qianwei Tong
First AC: Henry Vrijsen
Second AC: Max van de Pol Dominique Kaya
Production Assistent: Harlette de Ree
Rentals: Het Raam Digital Cinema

The music video we made for ‘Pirouettes’ by Celine Cairo, tells a visual exploration of the connection between two young women trying to regain their trust with each other. The lyrics inspired me to the concept of a very natural and raw story of two young women in nature, exploring their bond separately and together in the form of dance. It is a dance of attraction and repulsion. While the two fight, they simultaneously expose their weakness, by breaking down, turning around and in the end lift each other up.  The connection, disconnection and the fragile attachment to nature are the red lines in the story.

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